Photo Walk Freiburg

Nice little walk at Christmas through Freiburg (Breisgau) with Thomas Leuthard and *surprise* friends from Frankfurt. See:

Foto Walk FreiburgTop Shot of the FFM conections
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Something about licenses

I usually use Creative Commons license, so you can put the work with my name in your Blog. It would be nice If you link to my page.

Although I give my work away, I don't recommend that you print these pictures. Imagine: you're maybe a person with no experience in quality printing. These images are highly compressed and optimized for web. In this case I recommend the contact form and we'll see what we can do. This has two important benefits: You get a nice picture for your home printed by me and get it without the watermark. 

Also I want to highlight the design of pictures and their print. I would never, ever print one of my pictures on canvas or any other structured paper. This would be an disaster to quality. So in general, use the contact form and get in touch



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Photo Walk Frankfurt

What a day: Bad wather, bad breakfast, even bad hair. So, what to say about the "Street Photo" Photo Walk in Frankfurt? It was awsome. Nice pics and people. Watch this:

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Lukas at work, Photo by André Douque
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Photo Walk Wiesbaden

Short summary of the walk with FOTO WALK MAINZ WIESBADEN. Had a nice day containing gorgeous shots of Wiesbaden at night. More to come...

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art of is the photo blog by Lukas Merz proudly served since 2004. You'll find here a selection of my work and doing covering: Digital, Film, History, Images, Technique, Stock Photography, and pretty much anything else photography related that comes to mind. With special coverage of Canon cameras.

I'm specializes on high speed photos, made with electronic controlled cameras and speed flashes. Usually I shoot on Canon 5D Mark III with Canon Lenses. At the moment I'm looking fore some models, from 23 to 35.

Lukas at work, Photo by André Douque
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Canon Testday EOS 5DsR

On 25th of November I had a wonderful shooting with the all new Canon EOS 5DsR. Canon serverd one of the most advanced DSLRs in fill frame with 50MP and some gorgeous lenses. Combined with a model which had fun with us, the results are pretty cool.

Here a short compliment to the GM Foto Team. Nice work, nice equipment, but to slow for my jobs.

Canon TestshootingQuick shot with my mobile (huge wide angle)
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